About our Ministry

4Life Ministries emerged from a church planting vision, and we are committed to fulfilling a three-fold mission:

1. Planting churches.
2. Training.
3. Caring.


We exist to pursue the vision of training leaders to plant and lead churches. We believe that by planting new churches we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city. The evidence of this statement is biblically, historically, and sociologically proven. The work of God’s kingdom cannot progress without meaningful communities of faith! Establishing and strengthening local churches are the crux of our ministry.

Here is how we work to accomplish that.

  • Plant Churches: We connect with leaders who plant churches
  • Training: Training leaders that will inspire vision and equip the processes of planting churches.
  • Churches Planting Churches:  Every church can and needs to give birth to daughter churches. Our prayer is that every church will give birth even in its first few years of existence
  • Church Planting Summits: This gathering is done to impact ministry in terms of multiplication, growth, and church planting

Whether you are an experienced church planter, a student, or a church planting team member, or if you are just looking to find out more–browse the links below to learn more about our approach to church planting. Maybe you will catch a vision for church planting.


4Life Training is a Bible College with a difference. Our desire is not only to teach from the Bible, but also to help you discover the purpose that God has for YOU.

As you study the scriptures, you will discover that the Great Commission that Jesus gave to His Church requires action. You need to know how to preach the Gospel, make disciples, heal the sick, and how to be an example to a broken, hurting, and confused world.

Our commitment at 4Life Training is to prepare you for this ministry. All of our lecturers are men and women of faith, who are deeply committed to Christ, and to the life changing truth of scripture. Studying with them, you will be challenged personally, intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.

What Makes 4Life Training different?
Unlike any other Bible College, 4Life Training offers practical training as well as biblical education (Diploma of Completion). You will be taught using a variety of different methods, not just lectures, such as:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Tutorial Groups
  • Demonstrated Ministry
  • Group Activities
  • Drama/Visual Aids
  • One on One Mentoring

You will also have the unusual privilege of getting alongside experienced members of the 4Life Ministry Team, and learn hands-on how to minister the transforming power of God into people’s lives.

When you look at some of the topics covered at 4Life Training, you will see how practical the teaching is, and how it will equip you in so many areas of life:

  • One on one Mentoring
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Foundations of Faith
  • Intercession and Spiritual Warfare
  • Understanding the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Leading as a Leader
  • Public speaking

4Life Care serves as the voice of those living in poverty, calling for more effective poverty relief solutions, and working with leaders from across the public, private and non-profit sectors to identify pathways out of poverty.

Lives have been changed through a wide variety of 4Life Care programmes and services:

  • Providing food to fill the basic needs
  • Increasing our clients’ independence through self-help initiatives and other innovative programmes
  • Raising awareness of hunger and poverty while working towards solutions to eliminate them
  • We provide on-site food distribution, deliver food to home-bound clients, and help clients connect with other supporting services


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